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Jerusalem: The Last Frontier by Barry & Batya Segal (CD) CD The Joseph Storehouse Trust

Jerusalem: The Last Frontier (CD)

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Explore the hidden connections between East and West—with this unique musical experience that spans across Israel and the nations, while blending middle eastern and country-western musical styles as well. Witness the historical rebirth of Israel with a special recording of the U.N. vote, and Ben Gurion's famous speech.


  1. Documentary (U.N. Vote, Ben-Gurion Speech)
  2. Sh’ma Yisrael
  3. Hellelu
  4. Shir Hashirim
  5. Awake O Israel
  6. Yevarechecha 
  7. The Last Frontier
  8. Come Let Us Go Up To Zion
  9. Blessed Is Everyone
  10. Latter Rain
  11. Pray For Jerusalem
  12. You Will Arise
  13. O Jerusalem
  14. Let it Grow