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Israel Keyrings
Israel Keyrings
Israel Keyrings
Israel Keyrings

Israel Keyrings

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Jerusalem Hoshen Keychain
A gorgeous metal keychain with a large Priestly Breastplate or Hoshen at the centre. These stones were worn by the High Priest and served as a link between God and the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Around the breastplate is a blue enamelled circle with 'Jerusalem' written in English and Hebrew. This keychain really makes and impact.

Map of Israel Keychain
High quality metal keychain in the shape of the State of Israel. Design elements also include a banner with "Israel" and a Star of David with a Menorah. There are a number of places are noted on the map throughout the country.

Blue St. Peter Fish Keychain
High quality keychain depicting the St. Peter's Fish. The fish has a fun pattern to its scales while resembled the Star of David.

Blue Menorah Keychain
Silver colored outer-ring oval shaped keychain features a Menorah with a blue background that spins. "Jerusalem" is written on the outer ring.