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'Timeless Sounds' by Barry & Batya Segal (DVD) DVD The Joseph Storehouse Trust

Timeless Sounds (DVD)

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In Timeless Sounds, Barry and Batya Segal invite you to join with them to experience the unique sounds from Israel, bringing the Scriptures alive with music from the Land of the Bible. Songs of praise and worship blend in with stunning views from the Walls of Jerusalem to the Judean Desert, where East meets West and North meets South, in the very place where man first learned to worship his Creator.

The music and words, many composed and written by Batya Segal, bring the unique and timeless sounds of Levitical worship to the ends of the earth. All of you, who see and hear and join in with this inspiring DVD, will be reminded of the deep love that God has for this nation and its people, so deep that He has chosen to be enthroned on their praises.

1. Go Through the Gates
2. On Your Walls O Jerusalem
3. In the Latter Days
4. Hallelu Et Adonai
5. Hodu Ladonai
6. Shabechi Yerushalayim
7. Shimcha Kadosh
8. Hoshia Et Amecha
9. Awake O Israel - Yevarechecha
10. Baruch Haba
11. Kumi Ori