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Gili Meod by Barry & Batya Segal (CD)

Gili Meod by Barry & Batya Segal (CD)

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Barry & Batya’s first compilation album, Gili Me’od—which means “Rejoice Greatly”—combines that absolute best of their early recordings. Join in the celebration as the songs of joy and blessing enfold you in the love of the God of Abraham.


  1. Bo’u Lefanav
  2. Gili Me’od
  3. Hine Ke’einei Avadim
  4. Israeli Folk Medley
  5. Kumi Ori
  6. Lo Gavah Libi
  7. Nisgav Adonai
  8. Hashmi’eni
  9. Kos Yeshu’ot
  10. Od Yeeshama
  11. Mah Navu
  12. Lema’an Tzion
  13. Sos Asis
  14. Hineh El Yeshuati
  15. Diminu
  16. Halleluya
  17. Hodu L’Adonai