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Then & Now, Bible Maps (Pamphlet)
Then & Now, Bible Maps (Pamphlet)

Then & Now, Bible Maps (Pamphlet)

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Where are the Bible lands today? Where were places like Iraq and Iran in Bible times, and what are they like now? Gain powerful context and understanding by learning about these rich historical lands with our detailed fold-out pamphlet. 17 maps are included, covering ancient cities and countries in an easy-to-understand color-coded layout.

Information includes:

  • The Holy Land: Then (1300 BC Twelve Tribes) and now (modern times) uses color-coding to show Canaan divided by the Twelve Tribes and the historical and modern-day names of cities within the regions.
  • Paul's Journeys: Then (AD 47-62) and now (modern times) shows the locations of the Seven Churches of Asia (modern-day Turkey) found in Revelation 1-3, as well as cities and towns, ancient ruins, mountains, modern capital cities and a key for measuring the distance traveled from city to city.
  • Empires & Kingdoms: Then and now shows the changing boundaries of the Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdom, and Persian Empire.

14 laminated panels. 8½" x 5½", unfold to 38"—perfect to slide into most Bibles.